Uday Benegal is one of India’s most influential musicians. As the frontman, founder and creative force of India’s frontrunning rock band Indus Creed, Uday has been instrumental in setting the stage for India’s indie scene. In addition to his work as a live performer, the veteran producer, session musician and writer has produced numerous advertising jingles, sung for Bollywood, played guest-host on the Fox Life series Soundtrek II, mentored new talent for Ray-Ban Never Hide Sounds and written for a number of publications in India and the US.


Indus Creed

A band that not only legitimised indigenous rock music in India but continues to renew and revive the scene, Indus Creed have released four highly successful albums. Their latest, EVOLVE, was mixed by the Grammy-nominated engineer Tim Palmer and released worldwide by Universal Music. The iconic group have won a slew of awards, including an MTV Viewer’s Choice Award in 1993, Best Band at the Jack Daniel’s Rock Awards in 2012, Best Rock Artist at the Radio City Freedom Awards in 2013, and Vh1 India’s first ever Hall of Fame award in 2014. They recently released the heavy-hitting single "Thief" and are currently working on new material.