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Howdy. This is the first of a blog series I’ve begun to provide a viewfinder to my new solo project. The project itself is in startup mode right now, so the blog will run tandem with the whole process: new song ideas, collaborators, works-in-progress, putting a band together, recording the new stuff, putting it online and taking it on the road. I should mention right here that this solo venture of mine is not a replacement to my continuing work with Indus Creed. That band, with whom I’ve spent many eventful years, is still very much around and I am still very much a part of it. We still play gigs across the country and are open for bookings. There will be new music from Indus Creed too, but right now this is where my energies are at.

For the last year I’ve been itching to do something different, something I’m not hesitant to put my own name on (a reluctance I’ve had for years for some odd reason). And so I’ll be exploring new territory with new travel companions. I love working with people of varying ages because they bring with them a vast spectrum of concepts and styles that make for more interesting creations. But I’m also very finicky about who those people are, because it’s not enough that they have skills and chops. There’s a shitload of people who’ve practised hard and have great technical ability. But there’s got to be that intangible ‘more’ for me to be interested in spending time with another human being. As this blog unfolds I will introduce you to them, to the new music and to this new road I’m embarking on.

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